Sharon O'Day Copywriting Services
Most everyone has to live within a marketing budget. So, to know whether we're a good fit, here's a rough guide to my copywriting rates.  Needless to say, smaller, simpler projects will fall to the lower end of a price range. And larger, more complex ones will be closer to the higher end. In the end, it depends on how much discovery work is required, and how much writing.  And, yes, there's always a little wiggle room.

Here are the most commonly requested services. If you need something not listed below, please contact me to see if I can oblige.

Autoresponders: Autoresponders are an effective way to build customer loyalty and increase conversions. They are typically a series of 3-to-10 emails that go out automatically to new subscribers. By providing valuable information not available elsewhere, a resulting sense of reciprocity increases your prospect's willingness to consider your offering. Minimum series of 3. $150-1,000/email depending on number, length and complexity.

Blog Posts: A blog is the true workhorse of your online marketing efforts. Its well-researched content in your brand's voice, with targeted topics and keywords, will raise organic search rankings and point prospects towards a specific call to action. Your blog has the ability to build loyalty with readers, attract prospects and establish your credibility as an expert in your field. $120-960/post, depending on number, length and complexity.

Sales Letters (Web or Mail): Technology has made cold calling virtually obsolete. So how can you get through to prospects? With sales letters, whether online or off. These can get your product or service in front of the prospect, highlight the benefits of what you're offering while lessening objections and open the door to a more personal dialog ... now no longer "cold." Under 1,500 words: $350-550. Over 1,500 words: $550-1,000.

Brochures: Not all marketing is online, even if it seems that way. Printed brochures still play a role in sales support materials. (You get print materials in your mailbox and at trade shows, for example, don't you?) If well written, a brochure will give just enough information to drive prospects to your next targeted action. Graphic design services are not included, but I'll gladly work with your graphics team. $750-1,500 per page.

Press Releases: Well-researched and with a good, strong hook so your press release is picked up by online and/or offline publications, these are a low-cost way to gain visibility with the media. They also serve to bump your brand or increase company name recognition. Press releases are particularly valuable when you launch new products and services, but can also announce charitable efforts, notable awards or other attention-getting events. $500-1,000 for 1-2 page release, ready for submission.

Case Studies: Especially for higher ticket products and services, your prospects want to be sure you know what you're talking about. Detailed--yet engaging--case studies do the trick: they showcase your best success stories, often told in your customers' own words. And who better than existing customers to broadcast how your product has solved a problem they faced? As a third-party endorsement, this powerful form of content marketing is a credibility booster whether online, on sales calls, at trade shows or conferences. $1,200-2,000 for 500 or more words.

Whitepapers/Special Reports: While these go by lots of names, we're basically talking about a persuasive essay that brings together facts and logic for the purpose of marketing a particular product or service. If you provide a credible, well-documented answer to a prospect's pressing issue, you just earned yourself a qualified lead. (That answer just happens to use your product or service, of course.) You're now an authority, and just an offer away from having a new customer. Typically 6-8 pages, in PDF form ready to distribute. $2,000-7,500.

Editing Services: Sometimes all you need is a review and rework by a professional editor of something you've already prepared. Project pricing is available for large pieces. I offer four different levels of service:
     • To edit English content by non-native English writers: $0.25-1.00/word
     • Substantive editing, including content and structure: $0.25/word
     • Light copy editing, just reworking what's there: $0.10/word
     • Proofreading for spelling, grammar and punctuation: $0.05/word

Marketing Strategy and Planning: Decades of experience in new market entry, company turnarounds and project start-ups have honed my skills as an asset that can parachute in whenever you need external input. Sometimes it's just for an hour or two. Sometimes it's for a deep dive into strategy and implementation plans. No retainer required. $120-180/hour.

TERMS: Services are available à la carte or may be combined for package or retainer pricing. I require a 50% deposit up front, with the balance due upon project completion. Rush charges may be requested for hard-to-meet deadlines.

Any questions at all? Contact me by email or give me a call at 1.786.200.9870.